Being cooped up in a confined space for a long period of time can be extremely testing on your self-control and eating patterns. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I walk onto an aircraft my hunger levels go out of control. This can lead to feeling bloated and lethargic by the time you arrive at your destination.

Throughout my years of being a flight attendant I fine-tuned what to pack to satisfy my hunger and energy levels and allow me to feel energised after a long flight. These are some of my favourite and essential packing items…

  • Snacks:
    • Plan ahead.
    • Don’t be afraid to fast.
    • Non-perishable foods – Beef jerky, protein bars, raw bars, nuts & seeds, dried of freeze-dried fruit, individual packets of almond/peanut butter, wild-caught salmon (in a pouch, not a can), fruit, popcorn, bone broth, protein powder, dark chocolate, coconut oil packets (bulletproof coffee).
    • Reusable water bottle & coffee mug
    • Pack your own main meal for the flight over.
  • Drinks
    • Tea (ginger & peppermint)
    • Coffee
    • Greens powder
    • Collagen sticks
    • Matcha
  • Supplements
    • Magnesium: relaxes, hydrates
    • Zinc: Immunity
    • Probiotic: good bacteria, digestion
    • Hydrolyte – hydrates
    • Charcoal pills – helps bloating on the plane.
    • Apple cider vinegar – either in liquid if you can or capsule – assists digestion, reduces bloating
    • Adaptogens – cope with stress
  • Essential oils:
    • Lavender: assists with sleep, headaches, relieves stress & anxiety
    • Lemon: aids acid indigestion and heartburn, comforts a sore throat, attacks allergies and Hay-fever. Ensure the lemon essential oil is suitable for ingestion (e.g. DoTerra)
    • Tea tree: extremely versatile. Can be used topically for insect bites, break outs, bumps and scratches.
    • Eucalyptus: Insect repellent,  
    • Peppermint: can be used for an upset stomach. Place on pillow and towels to soothe.
  • Hydration – external & internal
    • Facial masks – the hydrating sheet masks are amazing for pre, during and/or post flight.
    • Facial spray – a hydration spray will continue to protect your skin.
    • Plan. Hydrate before boarding. Drinking 1-2L of water before the flight made a significant difference in my energy during and after the flight.
  • Mind
    • Podcasts – find some positive, relaxing, interesting podcasts to download for the flight.
    • Be flexible and adaptable.

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