(Yields 6 large or 12 small)



⭒ 2 Tbsp grass fed gelatin (natural flavour- I use Nutraorganics)

⭒ 1 1/2 cups water

⭒ 1 whole lemon (juiced)

⭒ 2 Tbsp ginger

⭒ 1/2 apple

⭒ 4 Tbsp Apple cider vinegar

⭒ 10 drops liquid stevia



➳ Prepare gelatin according to instructions. With Nutraorganics, place 2 Tbsp in 1/2 cup water and allow to bloom.

➳ Place ginger, lemon juice and apple in blender. Blend until liquid form.

➳ Use a colander to drain liquid and set liquid aside.

➳ Add ACV, stevia and hot water to create 1 cup.

➳ Combine the hot water & ingredients to the gelatin and stir until combine. Pour into ice trays and allow to set in fridge for 2hrs-overnight.

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