This months featured Mama is Wendy, who is the creator behind Mammas Milk Bar . Her beautiful business provides delicious blends to support mums and their milk supply. I have tried these blends and can wholeheartedly say – they are divine ! This gem was created from a personal experience and has grown into an inspirational business.
Wendy is a mother of 2 and has shared some amazing tips and experiences surrounding motherhood, health and hacks !

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Im Wendy, the mamma behind @MammasMilkBar, I have 2 wee babes, a mother, sister, daughter and wife. I started Mammas Milk Bar as a passion project after struggling with low supply and finding healthy, low sugar options to boost my supply, as well as finding clean protein safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding when I had morning sickness! It’s now my calling to help other mums with what I went through.

2. What are your self care rituals? Yoga and a few minutes of closing my eyes, deep breathing and affirmations each day keep me sane

3. During your pregnancy and postpartum, what are some healthy habits that made you feel your best?
Definitely cutting out sugar and keeping my diet varied and colourful. Going for 7000-10000 step walks each day was amazing, it made me feel so good to be able to be consistent in gentle exercise.

4. What does a ‘day on the plate’ look like for you?
7AM: Eggs & Toast and a breakfast smoothie to go – Spinach, Blackcurrants, Almond Milk, and a Banana

10AM: Snack on a handful of pistachios and a cup of Green Tea

1PM: Lunch! Smashed avocado on Sourdough, and fruit, whatever is seasonal. Its stone fruit season so a nectarine today

3PM: Seaweed snack, and a hot matcha latte

5PM: Dinner: A bowl of colourful stir fried veges, dinner is usually pretty light and no carbs because I get bloated near day end!

5. What are your currently reading/watching/listening to? Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking Both the book and the Netflix show haha! Listening to: Doja Cat

6. Top 3 baby buys for a new mum? Haakaa silicon pumpHydrogel breast Padsand Mammas Milk Bar Lactation Blends.

7. Who is your fav Mum instagrammer? Apart from @amylb____? Oh too many to choose from! It is such an amazing community. But for a big account, I really like @evachen for her mum boss life and being super authentic

8. Favourite Mum hack? Laying a fresh nappy under babys bum during a nappy change. It catches any ‘accidents’ that could happen mid change!

9. What is your favourite type of exercise?
During winters post baby, you will definitely find me on the mountain snowboarding! And a good hike on a gorgeous trail

10. Do you have any advice for pregnant/new mums? Don’t sweat the small stuff, and tune out the noise. Trust your insticts, you know your baby and yourself the best.

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