1. Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m a mum of 2 gorgeous boys, and one on the way (secret’s out!). I work as a women’s health Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist and have a special interest in the journey from pre-conception, through pregnancy and post-partum. This is a phase of life that is just full of change, and being able to support women with their health holistically is a huge

2. What are your self-care rituals?

I love so many relaxation activities, like yoga, dog walks, listening to music, baths (either alone, or with hubby!), and of course dance #physiegirl (if you know, you know)

3. During your pregnancy and postpartum, what are some healthy habits that made you feel your best?

Eating to nourish both bub and myself, and staying regularly active seem like obvious answers from someone like me.

My best (and relatively recent) ritual has been to have my phone automatically set to “do not disturb” mode at the same time every night. Doing this and diming the lights within the hour before bed has made a tremendous difference to my sleep quality. There are so many things that are outside our control when it comes to sleep as parents with young children, and especially as pregnancy progresses, so doing what’s within my control is definitely an important mindset when it comes to sleep.

4. What does a ‘day on the plate’ look like for you?

I’m a 3 meals and 2-3 snacks-a-day-kinda-gal. My own body and brain need the fuel, and then of course right now, I am turning food into a baby so it is a lot more!

On this particular day I had:

– An egg on toast with seared tomatoes

– Coffee, whilst watching Bluey – anyone else a fan?

– Greek yoghurt with oats, mixed nuts & seeds & some fresh fruit

– Schnitzel (left overs thanks to hubby) with salad and wholegrain toast (my go to for carbs)

– Nuts, seeds, dried fruit and wholegrain crackers – this usually sits in my bag as my go-to snack- Banana – I don’t think there is a week we don’t have bananas at home.

-Dinner: chilli con carne + pickled jalapenos + yoghurt and a grainy roll

– Dinner # 2 (eek): sweet corn chicken soup and (you guessed it) toast

– A glass of milk – have always loved this as a pre-bed drink since childhood.

5. What are your currently reading/watching/listening to?

I’m currently re-watching Friends (for maybe the 80th time?), just started watching Scrubs (why have I never before). Re-reading the 12 Rules for Life by Jordan. B. Peterson!

6. Top 3 baby buys for a new mum?

1. Nipple cream/ butter – early breastfeeding can be a challenge, so this stuff really saved me! There is so much to gain from the breastfeeding journey, even if it is short, but do what you need to keep it going for as long as you can, and getting the support and tools you need is essential!

2. Zip suits – those babies become wrigglers so quickly, andgetting them into a wrap can be tough. A quick zip up, especially with transition wings goes a long way.

3. Couldn’t think of a 3rd – I’m pretty minimalistic when it comes to stuff. There is so much you could buy, but if you have family, friends, or even a good swap & sell site, you will be set. You figure out what you need pretty fast, and can usually pick up/ order stuff along the way.

7. Who is your fav Mum instagrammer?

@Maternalinstinctsbyamberly – I just love the work she does, and the content she shares because the fourth trimester is such a challenging phase, but one that can be overlooked especially for mum. Having a holistic approach to supporting breastfeeding is so so important, because it really takes a team!

8. Favourite Mum hack?

When it comes to meal-time with my toddler, rejecting what on the menu has been his favourite new pass-time, and there are so many other mums I speak to who go through this phase. Here is what to keep in mind: – You choose what is for dinner, and your child decides how much they eat. 

So instead of an argument, here are some things to try when they say “I don’t want that, it’s yucky”:a) This is what everyone has for dinner today, but do you want to eat in the yellow or blue bowl?b) It’s ok if you think you don’t like it today, you may like it more another next time, but maybe try a little bit and tell me what you think. Would you like to feed yourself or have mummy help you today?

9. What is your favourite type of exercise?

Anything that is dance related, but I love moving in general. 

10. Do you have any advice for pregnant/new mums?

– Don’t have the same expectations as you did before you were a mum, when it comes to routines like cleaning, preparing meals, and especially sleep. Go with the flow, and remind yourself, it is all a phase. The good and bad things don’t last, but this kind of journey really gives you meaning!

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