1. Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m Hannah, 28 years old, mum of two from Sydney. I’m currently studying a Bachelor in Naturopathy and have just one year to go. I would describe myself as a free spirit, lover of new experiences and a professional overthinker. And I may as well mention I’m a Sagittarius for all us astrology nerds.

2. What are your self care rituals?

I won’t say ‘showering alone’ although that in itself is amazing anyway. But I do find being outdoors in nature really resets the clock for me and makes me feel my best. Before having kids I used to find a lot of joy in doing yoga and meditation so I’ve been working on incorporating that back into my life as well.

3. During your pregnancy and postpartum, what are some healthy habits that made you feel your best?

I have joined the gym recently and it has felt amazing. I love doing the boxing and yoga flow classes the most because they allow me to just feel and focus without my endless thoughts driving me. I have also made conscious and intuitive decisions in my eating by listening to my body and paying attention to what it needs. Cutting out most dairy foods was a huge part of this as I used to just live with constant bloat and discomfort without knowing any better. 

4. What does a ‘day on the plate’ look like for you?

I like to start my day with water first, always! Then I usually have eggs on sourdough for breakfast or oats during the colder months. Lunch is either leftovers from the night before or salad/sandwich/wrap with whatever veggies I have in the fridge. Dinner is hubby’s domain and he changes it up all the time depending on the season. Often we rotate through meals such as veggie filled stir fry, roasts, bbq, salad with some kind of protein, lamb cutlets, pasta ect. I don’t drink much soft drink or anything other than water  but I do have a bit of the chocolate obsession. 

5. What are your currently reading/watching/listening to?

Watching: shameless (a bit late to the party, I know)

Reading: ‘The postnatal depletion cure’ (a wonderful book I think all women need to read, especially mothers!) 

Listening: I haven’t started yet but I am about to start a podcast recommended by the amazing @amylb___ called ‘The Holistic herbalism podcast’.

6. Top 3 baby buys for a new mum?

This is a great question however in my experience varies so much with each child. With my first I would’ve said alllll the burp cloths in the world and love to dream swaddles. So I stocked up for baby number 2 but didn’t need them at all! Though I would still recommend both those items to any new mum. Thirdly, I would say comfy black underwear in a size up and lots of nursing singlets. 

7. Who is your fav Mum instagrammer?

I have so many! A few big name ones that come to mind is:





8. Favourite Mum hack?

Wipes in every living space; dining table, living room, toy room, bedrooms – essential! And if you’re ever having a tough day with your kids, get them in water! A bath, a pool, a bucket of water, the beach, the backyard hose. Water works!

9. What is your favourite type of exercise?

Lately I am loving boxing and yoga flow. I would also really like to start playing tennis, not that I am any good (yet..)

10. Do you have any advice for pregnant/new mums?

Do whatever works until it doesn’t work anymore! Don’t worry about societal expectations or what your mum did back in the day or what you read in a book. Always listen to your mum instincts, and if it works for your family then keep doing it. And always remember the days feel long but the years go fast. Try and remind yourself of the bigger picture things when the day gets tough. This too shall pass.

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