1. Tell us a little bit about yourself…
Firstly my name is Brittany and I am a mother of two, Georgia 2.5 years old and Hudson 7 months. I have been married for 3 years but I have been with Stuart for 11 years now. We live in the suburbs of Sydney and spend our time trying to making memories with our little babies. We run a small business but prior to having kids i worked in the fashion industry as a clothing buyer. I like to drink coffee, shop and sit down and watch some Netflix when I am not busy playing with my kids.

2. What are your self care rituals?

Self Care is so important for me. Some of my favourite things to do are skincare treatments, Pilates and drinking tea. I also like to go for walks and shopping trips alone.

3. During your pregnancy and postpartum, what are some healthy habits that made you feel your best?
During both of my pregnancies I was very sick. I suffered with pre eclampsia with Georgia so I was very unwell most of the time and with Hudson I was also unwell and spent most of my pregnancy on very light duties not to mention I was pregnant in the middle of a pandemic. I did however make it apart of my daily routine to have a glass of celery juice a day and I still try and do that most days now.
Postpartum I definitely started doing light workout and was able to return back to Pilates which made me feel really good about myself and for my mind.

4. What does a ‘day on the plate’ look like for you?
My day usually starts with Georgia’s left over Oats and at least two cups of coffee.
For lunch I like to have salad bowels or I like to snack on Cheese, avocado and tomatoes on crackers! I actually have this most days. Dinner, pasta is my usual go too. It’s quick and easy and kids love it. I try and eat healthy during the week because I like to treat myself on weekends.

5. What are your currently reading/watching/listening to?

I am currently watching Mafs and now it’s over I will go back to Netflix. I have just watch Seaspiracy and I found it so interesting! Definitely recommend.

6. Top 3 baby buys for a new mum?
Bonds Zippys and Singlets are the best for night time feeds and changes. Vee Bee baby bouncer is a life saver and I have used it on Hudson from birth and I am still using it now and Bibs dummy’s are worth the money they are the best.

7. Who is your fav Mum instagrammer?
Hard question- I love Chloe Zep and the way she shares motherhood and Arti is just adorable.

8. Favourite Mum hack?
I usually buy a bag of pre chopped up vegetables like broccoli, carrots, corn, capsicum (there is so many vegetables in the mix) its $3 from coles and I mix it into a lot of meals like pasta and no one knows they are in there. 😉

9. What is your favourite type of exercise?

I absolutely love to dance I feel it’s such a great and fun way to exercise but I also love reformer Pilates. 

10. Do you have any advice for pregnant/new mums?
For new mums I wish someone told me that I had a voice. I was so scared or felt like I couldn’t express how I am was feeling during my pregnancy or during my labour. I knew something was very wrong during my pregnancy with Georgia and I was always just pushed aside and told I was fine. I wish I had the strength to speak up and say how I was feeling and to push for answers. It’s your body and your baby and you are allowed to do what you want. Don’t feel like you have to do things you don’t agree with. With Hudson I found my voice and my pregnancy was birth was a lot better because I pushed for answers and did it my way.

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