Bay Botanic

Welcome to Bay Botanic! My name is Amy and I’m hoping to create a space to find inspiration & education on holistic and plant based medicine, nutrition and living a wholesome life. Plant based medicine can work on many levels to positively impact health and my aim is to provide relatable interventions that empower and educate people.

A little about me…I am a new mum to Vala Jade, a flight attendant that is currently working on the ground and a final year Naturopath student. I have a passion for health and fitness, in particular finding ways to optimise my life and feel my best. I have found a strong connection between incorporating healthy habits and the physiological processes in my body (hormones, digestion, energy, cognitive function). I’m the kind of person that loves to share anything that has positively effected me and that is the ‘why’ behind this space and my social media.

Bay Botanic is created to inspire a loveable life by encouraging the value of self-love via plant based medicine, nutrition, mindfulness, and education.

I hope you find some useful information and please reach out with any questions or to simply say hello 🙂